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NECAL 9502 Adhesive

Posted by Ed Johnson on Feb 4, 2011 1:20:00 PM

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Adhesive Description:

NECAL 9502 is an unsupported film of pressure sensitive adhesive displaying excellent bond and initial tack. It is UL recognized to Standard UL 969 (PGGU2 Component-Marking and Labeling System Materials)

NECAL 9502
is designed for polypropylene and polyethylene.  9502 adheres to many other substrates.  Because of it’s thickness 9502 is recommended for use on rough surfaces.

Physical Properties:
Composition: Modified Acrylic based Adhesive
Release liner: Available with P, W, H, HD, or VF liner
Thickness: Total construction 4.0 mils
Adhesion (PSTC-1 std.): 120 - 150 oz./in. (Aluminum/Polypropylene) 340 – 360 oz./in. (Aluminum/Stainless)
Tensile (Polyester to SS, 1 225 p.s.i.
Shear adhesion (Polyester to SS, 1000 grams/ 7 days +
Application temperature: 50°F Minimum
Service temperature range: -20°F  to 270°F

Bonding Instructions:
Remove the release liner and apply mask to clean, dry substrate.  Use firm pressure to obtain maximum contact.  Use of air, hydraulic or mechanical bonding press is recommended with pressure of 40-60 p.s.i. with dwell time of 2-5 seconds.

The shelf life of this material is two years when stored in a cool, dry place.

The information shown here represents typical values that may vary with each application.  The values are not intended to be a performance guarantee.  Users should determine, prior to use, the suitability of this material for their application.

Please contact NECAL Corporation to discuss your project/application, seek additional information, receive a free sample or request a quote.

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