Looking for very strong bonding adhesive products? NECAL has an adhesive product for just about any application you may experience.  If we don’t have it, we can create it for you! NECAL has products that can take care of special bonding circumstances, such as bonding to low surface energy substrates, product surfaces that are heavily textured, or uneven surfaces, which are many times created from plastic mold cavities. 

NECAL offers creation of adhesives to meet your needs and we look forward to hearing from you.

Performance adhesives using black polyurethane, closed cell foam starting at 15 mils to 125 mils.
8199 Series  |  High temperature, low surface energy adhesive
8799 Series  |   Low surface energy adhesive

Each of these adhesives are recommended for the use on rough surfaces due to the thickness of the constructions.  With the scrim in the center it has excellent die-cutting properties to aid in your processing. 

Low Surface Energy Adhesives
8608     |     Total thickness of 8 mils supported with a 2 mil non-woven polyester
9516     |     Total thickness of 6 mils supported with a .00048" mil polyester

High Surface Energy Adhesives
7775     |     Total thickness of 4 mils supported with a .00048" mil polyester

These adhesives are the “work horses” of the unsupported products at NECAL.  Each show good initial tack and have consistent outstanding performance in the market place.

High Surface Energy Adhesives
9170     |     2 mil adhesive
9175     |     4 mil adhesive

Low Surface Energy Adhesives
9501     |     2 mil adhesive
9502     |     4 mil adhesive

Heat activated with excellent resistance to water, oil, gas, and most detergents and has excellent low-temperature properties.
5130     |     2.5 mil adhesive


Require a special solution to a perplexing challenge? NECAL can coat and convert adhesive products meeting your specific requirements. Contact us today!