NECAL can conduct many of the Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) tests needed to optimize product design and performance validation. NECAL also relies upon third-party laboratories for more in-depth testing as needed.  In addition, NECAL works with customers, engineers and machine shops to custom design test equipment/fixtures to simulate real world applications.

NECAL’s standard test capabilities includes:

  • Release Liner Peel Force and Qualification
  • Peel Adhesion Force at 90° & 180° angle(PSTC-101)
  • Tack: Quick Stick (PSTC-5) & Loop Tack (PSTC-16)
  • Shear Resistance: Dynamic & Static (PSTC-107)
  • Tensile
  • Elongation
  • Pluck
  • Cleavage (Clamshell)

NECAL’s external test lab capabilities includes:

  • SAFT-Shear Adhesion Failure Temperature (PSTC-17)
  • Elevated Temperature Shear
  • DMA & Rheology
  • FTIR
  • Flammability
  • Others available and in development


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