When you contact NECAL we listen to your needs and challenges. Sales will work directly with our Sr. Chemist, Production Group, and Quality to provide a viable solution for short-term and long-term success. The team is “steps” away and not located across the country; therefore, it is easy for them to come together. NECAL will look at our current and trial adhesive chemistries for a solution and join forces with our suppliers to find the solution you are expecting.

Share with us to help you come up with a solution! 

  1. What is the end application?
  2. Current Program or New Application?
  3. Stage of development?
    a. What have you tried and learned with this application?
  4. Timeline?  
    a. Prototypes?
    b. Production?
  5. Volume?
    a. Sheets, rolls, tapes?
  6. Price point?  
  7. How will the adhesive be qualified?  
    a. Is there a test method or specification?
  8. How will you be processing in your facility?
  9. Temperature range?
  10. What are the substrates?
  11. Is the substrate smooth or irregular?
  12. Will the adhesive be exposed to sunlight?
  13. Will the adhesive be exposed to solvents and plasticizers?


Require a special solution to a perplexing challenge? NECAL can coat and convert adhesive products meeting your specific requirements. Contact us today!