Each coater is capable of coating both water- and solvent-based materials at broad range of coat weights.  Following coating, NECAL is able to laminate, slit, sheet and die cut your product.

NECAL’s wide web, primary coater can coat material 56” wide, with a usable width of 55” coated.  The coating methods are Knife-Over-Roll (KOF) and Mayer Rod. The oven is composed of five ovens, with a sum of 165 feet in length.  Each oven is gas-forced-air (GFA) and heats the substrate from both the top and bottom for more uniform drying characteristics. NECAL then has the option of laminating in additional materials at the end of the coater, prior to wind up.  This coater is setup to a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) and thus able to handle a variety of VOCs. The NECAL wide web coater is very robust, with the ability to coat materials at thicker coat weights than other coaters, while maintaining a bubble free, low solvent retention coating.

NECAL’s pilot coater is able to handle webs at 26” wide, coat with KOF for a usable 25” wide.  This coater has a one zone, GFA oven that is 50 feet long. The NECAL pilot coat does have the ability to laminate materials together through a laminating station prior to windup.  The pilot coater is excellent at producing a high quantity of samples to be used in screening studies, while also being suitable for producing samples before scale up to a wide web coater.  


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