NECAL brand products are approved in numerous applications in the market by Ford, General Motors, Fait Chrysler, Tesla, Audi, VW, Polaris, Harley Davidson and many more. Following is a sampling of products used in automotive interiors to attach appliques and aluminum or stainless-steel trim.  In addition, they are also used in some “under the hood “exterior applications.

Foam Products
8199 Series | High Performance, Black Polyurethane Closed Cell Foam, Supplied in Various Thickness
8495 | Low Surface Energy, High Tack, High Temperature, Black Polyurethane Open Cell Foam, Supplied 2 in Thicknesses
8799 | Low Surface Energy, High Tack, Black Polyurethane Closed Cell Foam, Supplied in Various Thickness

Unsupported Products
9074 | High Performance, Strong Bond, Temperature Resistant
9170 | General Purpose, Strong Bond
9175 | High Bond, Multi-Purpose
9502 | High Tack, Low Surface Energy

Supported Products 
8608 | Low Surface Energy supported with a 2 mil woven polyester
7775 | High Bond, Multi-Purpose supported with a .00048” polyester

Thermo Bond
5130 | Using heat, pressure and dwell, the material provides a destructible bond.  It is a good agent in bonding aluminum to plastic and will reduce “oil can” sound.


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