NECAL manufactures thermoplastic adhesives that are intended for bonding metal, plastic, glass, composites and fabric material. It has been successfully used in decorative automotive and appliance trim and suited for many other applications.  It has excellent bond strength and withstands very cold temperatures down to - 60° F. This unique material is resistant to blocking during your processing and can be easily cut by steel rule, hard tool or laser. To activate the adhesive, heat and pressure are necessary. The material complies with the Component-Marking and Labeling System Materials (PGGU2); UL 969 Standard.


This thermoplastic adhesive stands out from the crowd and might be the right solution for your fabricating, contract coating, and converting needs.

Versatility is the Name of the Game

NECAL 5130 is a unique, UL 969-approved thermoplastic adhesive that has good resistance to water, oil, gas, and most detergents. It is applied using either hot roll lamination or heated platen and can be heated and applied repeatedly, which is beneficial when re-working expensive sub-assembled components or end-of-life recycling.

Range of Substrates, Composites, and Product Applications

NECAL 5130 has excellent bonding characteristics and works great with a wide variety of substrates and composites, including aluminum, glass, textiles, most plastics, and Styrofoam. It can be used in numerous product applications, including:

  • Electronic devices
  • Cosmetic packaging
  • Automotive interiors
  • Thermal-formed composite applications

Wide Web Coating to 55 Inches

With outputs of jumbo rolls, master rolls, and slit rolls, as well as sheeted products and is completely dry at ambient temperatures. This makes NECAL 5130 easy to process in roll, sheet, strip, or piece form.

NECAL Can Deliver

A great product doesn’t do you much good if you can’t get it through your doors. That’s why NECAL works hard to be a reliable supplier from beginning to end of the supply chain. Our reliability, combined with our superior products, puts you ahead of the competition. Contact us to find the right adhesive for your project or product needs.



NECAL can coat and convert adhesive products meeting your specific requirements. Contact us today!