NECAL produces and sells quality adhesive products in cooperation with our suppliers and employees. We are committed to work and learn as a team, continually improve our business processes and provide customer service excellence. By doing so we aim to grow our presence in the market place and preserve a legacy for future generations.

NECAL has solved problems in adhesion and lamination in many industries including Automotive, Appliance, and Consumer Goods.  Our team looks forward to discussing your challenges!

NECAL is a small, privately held company that will supply you with the best value proposition with a quick response time and flexible in the market place.    

NECAL, located in Sparta, Wisconsin has been in business for over 45 years and its employees have over 200 years of experience in the PSA market.  

Sparta, Wisconsin is located in Mid-Western Wisconsin along the LaCrosse River with a population estimated at 10,000. Sparta is also the Bicycle Capital of America!


Require a special solution to a perplexing challenge? NECAL can coat and convert adhesive products meeting your specific requirements. Contact us today!