We provide innovative coating solutions and services by empowering people to passionately collaborate through relationships as permanent as our adhesives!

NECAL produces and sells quality adhesive products in cooperation with our suppliers and employees. We are committed to work and learn as a team, continually improve our business processes and provide customer service excellence. By doing so we aim to grow our presence in the market place and preserve a legacy for future generations.


We adhere to these core values to guide us toward success: 

Employee-Centered: “Safety and education are at the heart of everything we do. We invest in our team and develop them to succeed.”
Customer-Connected: “We passionately problem solve and support our suppliers, customers, and employees through productive partnerships."
Accountable – “We commit to our goals and take responsibility to achieve them." 
Resilient – “We work to get the right results and keep working through adversity."
Collaborative –“We believe that together we go further. We work with our customers, suppliers, community, and employees to get world-class results.” 

Require a special solution to a perplexing challenge? NECAL can coat and convert adhesive products meeting your specific requirements. Contact us today!