Knife-Over-Roll (KOR) is a tried and true coating method with broad capabilities. KOR is suitable for solutions of 500 cps and greater in viscosity and provides a smooth top coat to the surface. KOR is also able to coat 0.5 to 10 mils thick (13 to 260 gsm) depending on solution characteristics, e.g. solids and viscosity.  

Mayer Rod, also referred to as wire rod coating, is suitable for solutions of a lower viscosity, typically less than 1,000 cps, however this is dependent on characteristics of the solution being coated. Coat weights (adhesive thickness) of Mayer Rod coatings are in the 13-104 gsm (0.5-4.0 mils) range. The adhesive thickness with both coating methods is at ±10% of target.


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