Membrane Switch Spacer Materials

Product Number Equivalent

Total Thickness(mils)

Liner Type

Layer Thickness (mils)Adhesive/Carrier/Adhesive
8196-3P1/P 3M 7953MP 3.5 58#PCK/58#PCK 1.5/0.5/1.5
8196-4P1/P 3M 9553MP 4.5 58#PCK/58#PCK 2.0/0.5/2.0
8196-5P1/P 3M 7956WDL 6 58#PCK/58#PCK 2.0/2.0/2.0
8196-7P1/P 3M 7957MP 7 58#PCK/58#PCK 2.0/3.0/2.0
8196-9P1/P 3M 7959MP 9 58#PCK/58#PCK 2.0/5.0/2.0
8196-11P1/P 3M 7961MP 11 58#PCK/58#PCK 2.0/7.0/2.0

NECAL manufactures and sells market standard membrane switch spacer constructions, some of which are noted above. All of these spacers are crafted with materials procured directly from our key suppliers which ensures their integrity and reliability.  NECAL spacers can be made with either high or low surface energy adhesives (LSE). These products are produced in both roll and sheet form.

For a complete list of spacer products, please contact us.