Expertise - Capabilities

NECAL is a one-stop shop for your adhesive attachment and product protection needs. NECAL offers you the services and benefits that stand-alone converting houses and distributors offer, but without the middleman cost and markup. When you purchase from NECAL, you purchase directly from the point-of-manufacture. This ensures you receive the right product, when you need it, and at a lower overall cost.

Services that we provide:

  • A stable of industry tested and specified adhesive products and films
  • Adhesive laminating to meet your exact needs
  • Numerous kraft and/or film liner constructions to meet your process and product requirements
  • Converting
    • Slit to your width requirements
    • Sheet to your dimensional requirements
    • Steel rule die cutting to your specific print dimensions
  • Just-in-time order fulfillment
  • Laboratory testing and reporting meeting OEM, PSTC and ASTM requirements
  • Toll coating and private label constructions

Contact us today to discuss your business need and begin experiencing the NECAL Advantage.